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Election Night Coverage on C-SPAN

November 2, 2010

The long 2010 midterm election is drawing to a close. C-SPAN telecast 140 House, Senate, and gubernatorial debates and many House district profiles. All can be found under our Browse button in the Video Library. Tonight tune to C-SPAN for election night coverage. Early in the evening starting at 7pm you can find analysis, results, and your phone calls. What is distinctive about our coverage is that you will be able to see victory and concession speeches from candidates around the country as they acknowledge the results of Tuesday’s election. These will be repeated overnight and can viewed at www.c-span.org and on the Video Library.

Wednesday will be a day of reactions, news conferences, and analysis. Tune to Washington Journal at 7:00 AM Wednesday for the latest results and what they mean. Then throughout the day, we will carry news conferences and reactions from party leaders. If you miss any of these programs you can catch their reairs starting at 8PM Wednesday and anytime at the Video Library.

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  • I am kindly trying to locate please the victory speech by Sen.-Elect Mark Kirk (R-IL) on C-SPAN.

    Thank you.

    Michael Perlman

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