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Technical Problems Affect Tavis Smiley Forum

April 1, 2010

On March 20, C-SPAN covered a forum sponsored by Tavis Smiley featuring Cornel West, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and others. Because the House was in session and C-SPAN2 was live with the House Rules Committee all day, the program was recorded for airing on Monday, March 29. The crew we hired to cover the event experienced a technical problem in the recording and transmission of the event causing a five-minute segment of Minister Farrakhan’s remarks to be missing. C-SPAN put up a notice during the March 29 airing that technical problems caused C-SPAN to miss a portion of Farrakhan’s speech. Since that time, we have located another copy of the entire program. Once we have that video in our possession, we will reair the entire three hour and forty minute event with the missing portion included. In the meantime, the program as aired can be viewed in the Video Library. Keep an eye on this blog for an announcement of the airing time.

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  • Given that this was basically a combined book infomercial meets hatersfess with little fruit borne from it, what was missing or not is irrelevant.