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Congressional Chronicle Sports New Look

March 12, 2010

The Congressional Chronicle, the Video Library’s complete log of congressional proceedings, now has a new look. The same functionality is there. You can find every speaker on the House and Senate floor. You can now compare their words as printed in the Congressional Record with the words as transcribed in the closed captioning. The Congressional Chronicle is the only record of what actually happens on the House and Senate floor because it is based on the video records that C-SPAN creates, indexes, and archives. There is a timeline for every day. Each quorum call and roll call vote is timed. Every vote shows the outcome. There are summaries for every member.

The Congressional Chronicle is timely. Members are indexed and video can be watched about twenty minutes after the appear on the floor. The next day, when the Congressional Record appears, the Chronicle is finalized. Check it out. C-SPAN covers the Congress like no other.

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  • Excellent — but do you know what would make it so much more relevant?

    1.) Give me an option to create an account that identifies myself and my state reps.

    2.) Notify me via email when a bill has passed, so I can login to see how my representative voted.

    3.) Give me an option to vote on that same bill. Store my results and keep a running tally, so at the end of the year I can see how close my votes aligned with that of my represented officials.

    I think may citizens forget how misrepresented they really are come election day. A tool that allows them to track their own voting against those of their state reps would be helpful!